Key Stats for the First Four and Round of 64

19 Mar

First Four: Dayton, OH


#16 North Carolina A&T vs. #16 Liberty 6:50pm

Liberty is in the top 50 in the country in 3-point defense (30%) and 3-point % (37.3)

North Carolina A&T is one of the worst shooting teams in the country at 39.9%

#11 Middle Tennessee State vs. #11 St. Mary’s 9:10pm

Both teams are top 40 in field goal percentage and 3-point percentage but Middle Tennessee State is 19th in the country in 3-point defense (29.6%).


#16 James Madison vs. #16 Long Island 6:40pm

Long Island is a top 5 offense scoring over 75 points a game but are also 335th in defense giving up over 76 points per game.
#13 Boise State vs. #13 LaSalle 9:10pm

Both teams struggle rebounding the ball, LaSalle is 292nd at 31.7 and Boise State is 205th with 33.9







#1 Louisville vs. #16 Liberty/North Carolina A&T 6:50pm Thursday Lexington, KY

The Cardinals score (73.6), rebound (37.5) and share the ball with 15 assists per game.

#8 Colorado State vs. #9 Missouri 9:20pm Thursday Lexington, KY

Both teams are top 4 rebounding teams and top 50 offenses but Colorado State gives up just  62.9 points a game.

#5 Oklahoma State vs. #12 Oregon 4:40pm Thursday San Jose, CA

Statistically evenly matched as it gets these two average over 70 points and shoot over 44% from the field.

#4 St. Louis vs. #13 New Mexico State 2:10pm Thursday San Jose, CA

New Mexico State is a top 50 rebounding team (37.6) while the Billikens  are outside the top 250 at 32.8

#6 Memphis vs. Middle Tennessee State/St. Mary’s 2:45pm Thursday Auburn Hills, MI

Memphis is 20th in the country in scoring at 75.9 while MTSU is top 15 in scoring defense (57.8) and Saint Mary’s scores 75.5 a game 23rd in the country.

#3 Michigan State vs. #14 Valparaiso 12:15pm Thursday Auburn Hills, MI

Both teams shoot the ball well, Michigan State at 46% and Valparaiso at 48.9% 6th in the country.

#7 Creighton vs. #10 Cincinnati 2:45pm Friday Philadelphia, PA

Creighton leads the country in field goal percentage at 50.8% and Cincinnati is 8th in rebounding  with 40 a game.

#2 Duke vs. #15 Albany 12:15pm Friday Philadelphia, PA

Albany is 250th in scoring (64.4) and the Blue Devils is 6th at 78.3.


#1 Gonzaga vs. #16 Southern 4:10pm Thursday Salt Lake City, UT

Gonzaga us 12th in scoring (77.6) and Southern is 13th in scoring defense (77.1)

#8 Pittsburgh vs. #9 Wichita State 1:40pm Thursday Salt Lake City, UT

Pitt is 18th in field goal percentage (47.5%) and Wichita State is 50th in field goal percentage defense  at 40%

#5 Wisconsin vs. #12 Mississippi 12:40pm Friday Kansas City, MO

Wisconsin is 10th in the country in scoring defense at 55.9 and Ole Miss is 7th in points scored at 78.2

#4 Kansas State vs. #13 Boise State/LaSalle 3:10pm Friday Kansas City, MO

All three teams shoot over 63% from the 3-point line.  LaSalle is 21st in 3-point defense at 29.9%

#6 Arizona vs. #11 Belmont 7:20pm Thursday Salt Lake City, UT

Belmont is 4th in the country in field goal percentage (49.4%) and Arizona is 114th in FG% defense at 41%

#3 New Mexico vs. Harvard 9:50pm Thursday Salt Lake City, UT

Harvard shoots at 48.2% while New Mexico is 218th at 42.5%

#7 Notre Dame vs. #10 Iowa State 9:45pm Friday Dayton, OH

Notre Dame holds opponents to 32.2% from 3-point land and Iowa State makes a nation’s best 9.8 3-pointers per game.

#2 Ohio State vs. #15 Iona 7:15pm Dayton, OH

Ohio State is 16h in points allowed (57.9) and Iona is second in the country in scoring at 80.7 points per game.


#1 Kansas vs. #16 Western Kentucky 9:50pm Friday Kansas City, MO

Kansas is the nation’s best when it comes to field goal percentage  at 36% and Western Kentucky shoots it at 43%

#8 North Carolina vs. #9 Villanova 7:20pm Friday Kansas City, MO

UNC is a top 15 rebounding team at 39 and Villanova grabs 36.3 per game.

#5 VCU vs. #12 Akron 9:45pm Thursday Auburn Hills, MI

VCU is #1 in the country in turnover margin (+8) and Akron commits nearly 14 a game.

#4 Michigan vs. #13 South Dakota State 7:15pm Thursday Auburn Hills, MI

Both teams are top 26 in 3-point field goal percentage, Michigan is at 38.3% and South Dakota State shoots it at 39.4%

#6 UCLA vs. #11 Minnesota 9:57pm Friday Austin, TX

UCLA shoots it at 45.5% and Minnesota rebounds at a clip of 38.8 a game.

#3 Florida vs. #14 Northwestern State 7:27pm Friday Austin, TX

Northwestern State leads the country in scoring (81.0) but only make 6 3-pointers a game.  Florida attempts over 21 a game making 8.

#7 San Diego State vs. #10 Oklahoma 9:20pm Friday Philadelphia, PA

If the game is close, Oklahoma shoots 76% from the free throw line while San Diego State is at just 68%

#2Georgetown vs. #15 Florida Gulf Coast 6:50pm Philadelphia, PA

Georgetown allows just 55.7 points per game and FGCU scores a 49th best 73.1 points.


#1 Indiana vs. #16 James Madison/Long Island 4:10pm Friday Dayton, OH

Indiana scored 80 points a game while James Madison (64.4) and Long Island (76.4) are at opposite ends of the defensive spectrum.

#8 NC State vs. #9 Temple 1:40pm Friday Dayton, OH

N.C. State shoots the 3 at 39.3%, 12th best in the country, and Temple struggles to defend it at 35.5% 260th in the country.

#5 UNLV vs. #12 California 7:27pm Thursday San Jose, CA

UNLV is the 6th best rebounding team in the country at 40.1 and Cal shoots it at just 44.6%.

#4 Syracuse vs. #13 Montana 9:57pm Thursday San Jose, CA

Montana is one of the country’s worst rebounding teams (31.2) and Syracuse is a top 20 team on the glass at 38.7 a game.

#6 Butler vs. #11 Bucknell 12:40pm Thursday Lexington, KY

Butler shoots the ball at 45% but Bucknell only allows teams to shoot 37.8% 7th best in the country.

#3 Marquette vs. #14 Davidson 3:10pm Thursday Lexington, KY

Davidson shoots the 3 at 36.9% and Marquette at just 30.1%

#7 Illinois vs #10 Colorado 4:40pm Friday Austin, TX

Illinois shoots almost 24 3-pointers a game and Colorado grabs 37.2 rebounds a game.

#2 Miami vs. #15 Pacific 2:10pm Friday Austin, TX

Miami only averages 11.2 assists per game 287th in the country and Pacific’s 14.7 is 56th


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