Quick Thoughts on the Marcus Smart Situation

11 Feb

We now know that Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State has been suspended three games after shoving a Texas Tech fan near the end of Saturday’s game in Lubbock. It has only been two days but there has already been opinions thrown around at every angle of this story.

Smart made a mistake he shouldn’t have gotten into an altercation with a fan that much is true.  The other side says fans, while they are paying customers entitled to cheer or express themselves how they seem fit there is also a line they shouldn’t cross.

As It turns out this Red Raiders fan, Jeff Orr has a history of antics towards opponents of Texas Tech and Smart claims that Orr called him a derogatory racial slur which caused Smart to act the way he did.

The one line of thought that I disagree with in this whole situation is the one that says Smart has some maturing to do.  I would argue that it isn’t Smart that needs to do the maturing but instead it’s Orr.  I would venture a guess that a large majority of people in Smart’s position in any environment (not just a basketball court) would have an equally regrettable reaction had Orr shouted something inappropriate to them.

Orr has since apologizing and denying the use of a racial slur saying he won’t attend any more Texas Tech games this season.  It is great to be a fan but you are also in some way a representation of the university you are supporting and for a middle-aged man to not only be caught up but has a history of such antics should be embarrassing not only for the school but for Orr as well.

This is the kind of stuff we see and in some way expect from student sections not from the alumni and older supporters of teams.   So for some to say Marcus Smart still has time to and needs to mature in my opinion misses the mark.


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