My Trip to the San Diego/Portland Game

24 Feb

This past Thursday I was able to attend the game between San Diego and Portland at the Jenny Craig Pavilion on the campus of the University of San Diego.  I went into the game thinking I wanted to watch a particular player but came away impressed with both teams for very different reasons.

First, the particulars of the game, San Diego scored a come-from-behind 61-59 win.   The Toreros fell behind early in the first half 21-10 before finishing on a 25-10 run for a four-point halftime lead.  The home team shot 54% on the first half and had their bench outscore the Pilots 26-2 and it was a good thing because they only made seven field goals in the 2nd half despite getting into the bonus midway through the half.

I went into the game wanting to focus on San Diego guard Johnny Dee, the team’s leading scorer.  For the most part, at least to me, Dee floated outside the three-point area without much movement otherwise.  There was one San Diego guard that did catch my eye and that was 6’5 Duda Sanazde who was active both inside and outside creating matchup problems for the smaller Portland guards finishing with 15 points.  I was also impressed with 6’10 Simi Fajemisin who was very active at both ends of the floor in short minutes.  He finished with five points and four rebounds.

Team wise I came away more impressed with Portland offensively.   The Pilots had a lot of movement both with the ball using quick passes and off the ball with a lot of slashing and cutting trying to get people open.  The home team on the other hand seemed stagnant for the most part in the half court.  There was not a lot of movement besides swinging the ball from side-to-side with very little off-the-ball movement.

During my trip to San Diego I was looking forward to seeing just one player and came away impressed with many unexpected things.


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