No Dominant Teams is Good

21 Jan

Every once in a while at the start of basketball season we hear that there are no dominant teams and this could be the type of unpredictable season some wish every season could be like.  However usually by the time late February and March roll around there are at least a couple of teams that have separated themselves from the pack.

Then one year the stars align and whether you call it parity, unpredictability or something in between, it reigns supreme.  Welcome to the 2015-16 season.

The Associated Press Poll has now been out for 11 weeks this season.  In those 11 weeks there have now been five different teams ascending to the top spot.  The Year started with North Carolina at the top for two weeks, then Kentucky had its two-week reign, followed by a four-week stranglehold by Michigan State before Kansas had it chance for a couple of weeks and finally Oklahoma has been the king of the mountain since this past Monday.

Since Monday however five top 10 teams, including new #1 Oklahoma, and seven total top 25 teams have fallen, in three days.   Who knows what the total will be by the time next Monday rolls around but this type of instability at the top of the sport is the perfect storm some fans hope to see every season.  With conference tournaments just 5-6 weeks away be careful because the race to the top of the polls os both crowded and treacherous.


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