Real Quick Bracket Thoughts

13 Mar

-Virginia and Oregon over Michigan State is a bit surprising.

-Kansas with an easy road to the Sweet 16.  Maryland is too Jeckyll and Hyde and I’m not sure a young California can top the veteran Jayhawks.

-The middle-seeded teams in the South can be dangerous Cal, Maryland, Arizona, Iowa.

-The first four match up in this region Wichita State vs. Vanderbilt is intriguing.

-In the West the Texas/Northern Iowa and Oregon State/VCU match ups stuck out to me.

-Is this Baylor’s time to make a run to the Elite Eight?

-The West is the region that the #1 seed will not make the Final Four.

-The East is the most intriguing to me because of the first round match ups; USC/Providence, Indiana/Chattanooga, Notre Dame vs. Tulsa/Michigan, West Virginia/Stephen F. Austin and Wisconsin/Pittsburgh.

-Much like the South, the East middle seeds are strong; Kentucky, Indiana, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, USC and Providence.

-Midwest has the toughest first round match ups; Purdue/Arkansas-Little Rock, Iowa State/Iona, Seton Hall/Gonzaga, Dayton/Syracuse.

-After the top 2 seeds in the Midwest any number of teams could make a Sweet 16 or Elite 8 run.

-The Monmouth omission in favor of the likes of Syracuse, Tulsa and Vanderbilt is a shot in favor of the power conferences who have a built-in advantage over mid majors, and that is not a good thing.


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